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What are the heating sources of the gas grill?

The gas grill is the most common type of grill in restaurants and grills, because the carbon grill is now banned in all places, because it is too polluting to work, and the gas grill equipment is energy-saving. The continuous heating and rapid burning performance of the electric and barbecue grills have very good performances, and are also very popular with most businesses.

What is the heating source of the gas grill?

The gas barbecue heating source can use three types of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and gas. It is a heating source that can be obtained in ordinary households, and there may be another kind of biogas or pit gas in new rural households .

First of all, the two heating sources of natural gas and gas are centralized supply. These two gases are used in common restaurants, restaurants, hotels and other places, or in the home to cook and cook. When using a gas grill, you can directly connect the gas port and you can use it.

The liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable gas stored in steel cylinders. In some homes, a combustible heat source has been used. If it is an open-air barbecue place, the use of liquefied petroleum gas will be more convenient in carrying. Usage is the same as natural gas and gas.

The third is biogas and pit gas. It is a very healthy and environmentally friendly combustible gas. Commonly used in rural households, the gas generated after the construction of biogas digesters. There are certain regional limitations when using gas grills, but catching up with the Rural Tourism Festival or something can come in handy. In use, it is the same as natural gas.

There are three types of gas, one is natural gas widely supplied to merchants, restaurants, hotels and other places, one is portable liquefied petroleum gas, and one is localized limited combustible gas. There are advantages and disadvantages, so after purchasing gas equipment, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions.

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