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Three types of barbecue grills

Barbecues are very popular, and they all have their own barbecues, but do the big guys who know the barbecue tools know? I think what you see the most is the small, ready-to-eat carbon oven, which is also commonly used in most homes. Commercial grills also have a carbon grill, which is also a common type, with gas, LPG grills, and electric grills.

Three barbecue grills

The first: carbon oven

The charcoal grill is the most common one. It can hold up the grill and barbecue food no matter when. It is also the most relaxing way for family gatherings and friends to have dinner. Commercial carbon ovens usually need to place a high-power fan in front of the carbon oven, so that the smoke generated during grilling will not fascinate the eyes.

The harm to the environment when the carbon oven is used is also obvious. Some other powder dust such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide produced by the charcoal fire pose a serious threat to our living environment.

Although the smokeless grilled food is more delicious than the charcoal grilled food during the blind test, in most people's opinion, charcoal grilling is a feeling, and psychologically feel that the charcoal grilled food is better. However, such a roasting method is not advocated.

The second type: gas, liquefied petroleum gas grill

Gas-fired and liquefied petroleum gas grills are a type of grill that most businesses are using now.

Compared with the carbon grill, the heat source of the gas grill can be carried out or used in the back kitchen of restaurants and restaurants.

There are generally two types of heating plates for gas grills: one is stainless steel heating tube; the other is ceramic heating plate. Both types of heating plates are heating plates that can be used for a long time. The performance of stainless steel is stable, and the ceramic heating plate is more capable of rapid heat transfer, and the preheating time is much faster than that of the stainless steel heating tube.

The third type: electric grill

Electric grill is a new generation of grill equipment. You can see its style after searching on a treasure. It is also a new type of small kitchen appliances, satisfying those who want to eat barbecue at home.

There are also two heat sources for electric grills, stainless steel heating tubes and carbon fiber infrared heating tubes. The performance of the stainless steel heating tube is very stable, it can burn for a long time without being destroyed, and it is also the most traditional and stable type of heating tube (plate); the preheating time of the carbon fiber heating tube is very short, wait for tens of seconds to preheat success.

The service life of a carbon fiber heating tube is about one-third of that of a stainless steel heating tube. Moreover, the carbon fiber heating tube electric grill is a new type of grill equipment. It is truly a smokeless grill, and there will be no smoke when the oil dripping on the heating tube.

Three types of grill equipment, including gas, liquefied petroleum gas grills and electric grills are smoke-free grills, but except for carbon fiber electric grills, other grills may have oil fumes during the grilling process.

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